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The Sheriff vs Ohio Sheriff Sales

  • Fast! We hold the auction within 30 days of receiving the appraisals.
  • We have a track record of selling to the general public of more than 90% of the time. The sheriff sells less than 5% of all properties to third-party buyers.
  • We charge a flat fee of $750 plus actual legal ad cost if the Creditor buys the property and ZERO if a third-party buys the property.
  • We can run a full marketing campaign which includes over 25 marketing avenues! What does the sheriff do? 3 legal ads..... done.
  • When possible we do public viewings of the property prior to Auction.
  • A large auction sign goes in front of the property
  • 3 legal ads vs a full blown marketing campaign
  • Up to 2 years to complete v 30 days till auction, 30 days till close
  • Travel to the courthouse vs auction held online.
  • Trying to sell up to 100 properties in a 2 hour period vs concentrating on a single property at a time
  • Sell through rate to the general public about 5% vs a track record of more than 90% to the general public
  • Ran by the government vs private industry
  • Clears all liens vs also clears all liens
  • Sheriff never sees the property vs open houses, interior photos and full details
  • PSO signs and records the deed within 48 hours.
  • Nothing identifying the property vs signage and full marketing to produce buyers
  • Our legal ads can save the creditor thousands as we put only the required info in the ad and the rest of the info is on our website. The sheriff puts the entire legal description in the ad and numerous other non-required info.
  • We pay for the legal ad upfront and get reimbursed after confirmation of sale. Law firms will no longer have to pay for the legal ads.